Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ed sells out!

You've undoubtedly noticed the ads running in the right hand margin. Yes, it's true. I've sold out and joined the capitalist hordes. Or something like that. I wanted to keep this page simple and uncluttered, and I still intend to do so. The ads will be smallish, I think, and if not, they'll be gone.

Basically, if you click on an ad, you'll be feeding my Powerbar and oatmeal habit. This will never replace the income from my regular job - torturing small electronic devices - but it's another thing to tinker with.

Oh, one other change. To prevent comment spamming, comments require a recognition pattern (I think that's the right term, but I could be wrong.)

Finally, one last thing. There's a web filtering program I use to block most pop-ups, animated ads, banner ads, and the like. It also offers the option of clicking every ad on a page, thus enriching the person owning the page. Now, to be truthful, I've never used this, but if you REALLY want to shower wealth on a poor, starving blogger.....Well, with a waistline like this, I can't claim to be starving,but if you're interested, the filter is called Proxomitron and it's a freebie.


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