Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I'm not entirely sure that I'll use this regularly, but I'll make a go of it anyway. My purpose is to promote bicycling as a transportation alternative, realizing that it has some small effect on congestion, pollution, and geo-politics. But the main point is that bicycling is fun! How many people arrive at work after a stress-filled commute in a motor vehicle, spent inching through traffic, complaining about the mutton headed drivers out there on the freeway? Cyclists, on the other hand, have an easier commute despite the popular misconception that riding a bicycle in traffic is an extremely dangerous activity best attempted by near-suicidal daredevils. I'll write more on that, lots more.

Some background: I'm a middle aged guy with a family. I grew up near Pittsburgh, PA, but moved to Oklahoma back in 1987 for a job in electronics. I regularly commute to work via bicycle, and my son and I compete in some local events. I write for the Red Dirt Pedaler's newsletter "Wheel Issues" and I'm active with several advocacy groups. Lastly, I'm a member of the League of American Bicyclists and a League Cycling Instructor. (I'm old enough to be in the habit of calling the organization the 'League of American Wheelmen' but that's another story!)

I anticipate writing about common cycling subjects like commuting and racing, "how-to" pieces on various subjects, and some of the experiences of riding on the road. I take a slightly twisted view and try to inject some humor. This site will probably be a development area for the Red Dirt articles as I try out different ideas.


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