Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Old Folks MTV

I should know better than to believe the weathermen on local television. They're in the pay of the grocery stores, for one. For another, they're seldom right more than 24 hours in advance.

I watched the weather last night. They were predicting temperatures around freezing and heavy fog in the morning, and I hate riding in the dark and fog. My commute starts before 6AM. There aren't a lot of cars along the way until I get close to work, but there are a lot of dogs and skunks. I've had too-close encounters with both in the fog. So I decided to forego the ride.

When I left for work, it was about 40F and clear. Not a shred of fog to be found.

The local weathermen predict 3 inches of snow tonight. This is why I think they're in the pay of the grocery stores. The one near our house will sell out of milk, bread, eggs, cereal, and toilet paper sometime early this evening.

Let's see what the morning brings. I'll set my gear out, just in case. And I'll have the TV set to the Weather Channel - or as my kids call it - Old Folks MTV.


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