Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My commute goes by the local quarry, so I've been on the road with a lot of big trucks. Generally, these drivers are courteous and safety conscious. They see me nearly every day.

I've been signaling when a big truck passes and it's back end clears my bike. I signal just as if I were making a right turn, holding my right arm out horizontally. Some truck drivers respond by flipping on their right turn signal and coming back over into the lane. Is this a good practice?

I ask because this morning I received an e-mail from someone at work, describing my actions exactly. Apparently there was a car behind one of these trucks, and it appeared to the driver that I was signaling for a right turn without ever turning. I've never been too concerned about that, because there's seldom a place to MAKE a right turn when I do this. Still, given a choice, I'd rather have a confused motorist than a confused
tractor-trailer driver.


Blogger Travis said...

Sounds like you are sending mixed signals. I'd probably just wave at the truck ahead of me. He's getting the message that he's cleared you. Plus, the car behind you knows what a friendly vehicular cyclist you are. ;)

9:32 PM  

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