Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A lick and a promise...

"A lick and a promise" is an idiom maybe taken from German or Dutch. It means to do something quickly and promise to do a more thorough job in the near future - sort of like my garage. I do a quick clean up and promise to do a more thorough one as soon as I have time, like maybe when I retire.

This post is a lick and a promise. I want to put something here regularly, even if I can't do anything in depth right now. So the promise is that once things settle down at work and I'm not so stinkin' busy, I'll be able to write more. With that, here's a catch-all post.

I rode to Tulsa for an INCOG bicycle/pedestrian meeting on Saturday. Its purpose was to inform the public regarding INCOG’s bicycling and pedestrian planning. Aaron Bell and Jennifer Brown were there all alone when I arrived. Let’s just say the meeting was sparsely attended, possibly because there was a Freewheel training ride that morning. We talked about a lot of bicycle-related programs including the Tulsa trail system and bicycle education. I gave them a little more information on the Community Cycling Program because we were unable to do that at the formal INCOG bicycling subcommittee meeting.

The ride home was into the wind for nearly 8 miles. It was a long grind, but I just selected a smallish gear and kept the pedals spinning. Maybe that’s one bad thing about being here in Oklahoma. The mainly flat terrain offers little shelter from the wind. I was looking forward to dropping down into the Deer Creek valley because the trees would break it up a little bit.

Usually, after a long grind like that, I have to be concerned about leg cramps in the evening. I’ve found that staying hydrated is important, and that keeping my legs warm is equally important. Mary bought me a throw blanket last winter. I used it while watching television in the bedroom, and Saturday night it kept my legs warm. The kids thought it was slightly odd, but when I referred to it as my ‘woobie’ they broke down laughing!

In other news, it’s mating season for that oh-so-common Oklahoma species, the Red-Necked Doofus. The Doofus is most often located by listening for its plaintive mating call, “Getdafuckoffdaroad!” The call is more frequent in the spring, when folks have their windows rolled down, and is heard much less often in the dead of winter or the searing heat of summer. Ah, Spring! Soon they’ll be nested in a trailer court somewhere, adding more slack-jawed, dull-eyed kids to the population. It’s the species imperative – to reproduce their kind.

In other, other news, the international Ride of Silence is tomorrow evening. The Tulsa ride leaves from the West Bank parking lot at 7PM. I’ll be there. The purpose is to commemorate those cyclists who’ve been killed or injured on our roads, and to heighten awareness of cyclists. Last year, several hundred riders participated. This is not a Critical Mass ride or a protest. It will have a police escort, though how we’re going to pay them for the overtime, I do not know. We’ll probably pass the hat at the start. We had armbands last time for those who’d been injured or knew someone who’d died on the road.


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