Friday, February 24, 2006

This week's moronic comment award winner...

As I approached an intersection, a car in the on-coming lane stopped to make a left turn. I paid careful attention to see that it didn't do a left hook. When I got closer, I could see that the driver was an almost terrified teenage girl with her similarly terrified mother in the passenger seat. It wasn't that long ago that I taught my daughter to drive. I could smell the fear.

To her credit, the young woman waited patiently while I approached. In fact, she could have made the turn, but she was being cautious. Traffic stacked up behind as she waited.

I smiled and rode on by.

Further up the line of traffic, a woman had rolled down her window and yelled, "There's CARS behind you!"

Well, yes, there were cars behind me. So what? I suppose if I could perfect my invisibility, they could pass through harmlessly, but until that happens they have to wait to pass, just like anyone else.

A brief update on my attempts at invisibility: The project has met with mixed results. Personal invisibility is best achieved by wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt with plaid Bermuda shorts, black socks and docksiders. Large, black-framed 'birth control' glasses, such as those that are standard issue in the military and most amateur radio clubs, add to the effect. I've become invisible for long periods when my wife and kids are around, unless they need money. Somehow, the need for money negates personal invisibility, but as yet I haven't discovered how it works.


Blogger George said...

I gotta try that trick with the clothing:-)

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