Monday, March 20, 2006


It's an unusual morning. My horoscope said that with the moon in the constellation Fargo, and Mars in retrograde motion through the Youghigheny, my best bet would be to hide under a blanket all day. I checked the solunar tables to be sure, but they merely told me the fish would be apathetic.

It's been raining since Saturday. It's also Spring Break for my kids. Jordan is bouncing off the walls. Yesterday, he said he was bored and I suggested he read a book. But he wasn't THAT bored!

Lyndsay is in Mexico on a church mission trip, building and painting houses. Her absence, coupled with steady rain and Mars' inclination toward recidivism, let me drive the car to work today! What decadence! I was protected from the rain and I had both a heater and a radio. I was almost giddy at the luxury.

I know, I know. Fritz is reading this and he's given up driving for Lent. Plus, he's getting snow up there in Colorado. I'm not doing this to torment him, honest! But I did ask a co-worker if it was possible to give up Catholicism for Lent. I think the question gave him a severe headache.

I'm a creature of habit, though. I drove the same route I'd normally ride. And at the railroad crossings, I found myself trying to raise my butt off the 'saddle' - a tough maneuver to accomplish in a car!

Still, it's good to see the rain. Oklahoma is about 22 inches below average for rainfall. According to my weather chart, Oklahoma normally averages only about 40 inches for the entire year.

Even with this rain, the burn ban will still be in effect, meaning I won't be able to use the smoker. I've been hungry for ribs!

Tonight's forecast calls for lower temperatures with more rain and maybe snow. Regardless of the weather, I'll be back in the saddle - for real - tomorrow.


Blogger Fritz said...

Rats, I forgot all about Lent. I went skiing on Tuesday. I was planning on biking to the bus stop then taking the bus to the ski area, but when I woke up early I just didn't feel like it and I asked my wife if I could use the car. She said "Sure."

She twisted my arm and made me drive. Honest.

10:52 AM  

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