Sunday, April 16, 2006


I broke my glasses yesterday. I was waiting for Lyndsay to get off work, sitting in the restaurant parking lot reading a book, and I'd taken off my glasses. I placed them up on the dash. When I went to put them back on, the temple snapped off. Granted, they've been through a lot, so I shouldn't complain. But breaking a pair of glasses annoys me almost as much as damaging one of my bikes.

I bought these about 5 years ago from Campmor. They had a clearance on Nikon sunglasses with titanium frames. If I remember right, these sold for about $40. I should have bought 2 pair. When the frames came in, I took them to the optometrist to have my prescription lenses installed. He did the work, but wasn't too happy about it. His titanium frames were much more expensive, and he wasn't making much profit. Tough. It's my money.

Naturally, these glasses are no longer in production so I probably won't be able to find another temple piece. This means I have to get new ones.

Lyndsay pointed out that I could get contact lenses, that is, she mentioned it when she wasn't laughing at me on the way home, driving with my glasses sitting cock-eyed across my nose. She has a good point. Her recent eye exam and contact lenses cost less than a new set of glasses. But I've never had contacts. I've worn glasses since I was about 10 years old, and I'm accustomed to having that protection over my eyes. For a cyclist, some sort of eye protection is necessary because there's always some dust, sand, stones, or insects out there on the road.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.


Blogger hereNT said...

You could get lasik, too. I've been happy so far...

But I'm still wearing glasses when I ride. They're just a lot cheaper glasses...

10:50 AM  
Blogger Fritz said...

About a month ago my prescription glasses broke while I was skiing -- the metal frame broke right at the bridge over the nose. I broke the law and drove down the mountain without my glasses.

Two weeks ago, my old glasses that I used as an emergency replacement broke. I made do with epoxy, but the frame was still hanging crooked on my face. My eye doctor had gone out of business, so I found a new eye doctor, made an appointment, and got contacts that day. I didn't have the cash for new frames, unfortunately.

The day after I getting the trial contacts, I flew to California to start my new job. I wore the contacts for two weeks then, while I was here, I lost one of the contacts! I called the eye doctor, he faxed me a temporary prescription, I called around and found a place that would sell me a single trial set of lenses and used them.

And it turns out my contacts don't fit anyway -- they kept falling out and moving around my eye. In the meantime I ordered new eyeglasses (which I received today HURRAY!!!), I went to the eye doctor in Colorado yesterday and he put me in a different trial pair which are MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE, and I think I'll order some cycling glasses with prescription inserts now.


2:53 PM  

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