Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the night before, yada, yada, yada...

Actually, as I write this, it's the morning before Christmas. I dutifully completed my shopping by about this time yesterday, so I finished early this year!

But I can't help but think back on previous Christmas seasons. In comparison to last year, the family is doing much better. We faced a bleak Christmas then, because our car required very expensive repairs and it sucked the bank account dry. It was a depressing holiday season.

Still, we've met families in far worse shape. I'm incredibly lucky to have a wife that I adore, and kids that are growing up to be good, upstanding young adults. They have their moments, of course, like any other kids do. But when I hear other parents talking about a child in trouble with the law, in rehab, or in rebellion, I'm thankful that my biggest problems seem to revolve around dirty laundry strewn across the floor.

I learned of another family here in Owasso with a need for more transportation. Presently, they have one car but both parents work. They share the car, but like similar situations with one car families, there's inevitable conflict at times. The father works close to home, so I'm looking for a suitable bicycle for his work transportation. I'll give him the Road1 course instruction gratis.

To my mind, giving is what this season is truly about. Within the family, we give each other things that may make us more comfortable, but they're often things that are not entirely necessary. For instance, I'll probably receive a new pair of ski gloves to replace my old ones. The old pair is still serviceable, but the insulation is compressed in places, making for cold spots. Having two pair of gloves seems frivolous when I know there are people who not only don't have gloves, they have no winter coat, hat, or scarf.

Since I'm on vacation for the coming week, one of our family projects is to look through our closets and sort out any usable clothing for one of the charities here. Yes, there are needy people even in our suburban community. I can't think of a better gift than to see that someone gets an item that they truly need, like a new coat, or a warm hat and scarf.

Tomorrow we'll sit down to a modest dinner and probably eat too much. We'll sit at the table after the meal is over, telling the same old stories we've shared every year. The kids will be mildly bored but they'll pay polite attention. I can only hope that years from now, they'll remember all those stories, add to them, and bore my grandchildren.


Blogger Coelecanth said...

Happy birthday (belated) and I hope you're feeling better.

It's nice to hear holiday stories that involve generosity and charity, those things really are the heart of it all.

My gift for this holiday season turned out to be news of a life changing sort. I'm going to be a father. For the record, the proposal and acceptance of said proposal came before the conception, but not by much. :) She's going to be two weeks from her due date at the wedding. So much for our plan to have her arrive at the ceremony via bike. I was really looking forward to seeing her flying down the rock garden on her mountain bike as I waited, sweating in my suit, nervously checking one more time to see if I still had the ring.

You gave me some very good advice about marriage, any advice about fatherhood would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind saying I'm terrifed, in a happy sort of way, about the whole prospect.

Anyway, all the best this holiday season to you and yours. May it be filled with peace, joy and good eats aplenty.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Ed W said...

Congratulations, Fossil Fish! Doubly so!

Now, about fatherhood....that's gonna take some time, and I'll probably do it as a post. Since I'm on vacation this week, it's a suitable project to occupy my morning. My kids - as I've no doubt written before - think an early start is the crack of noon, so I have LOTS of free time in the AM.

2:37 PM  

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