Friday, July 20, 2007

I been tagged...OT

Dave Moulton tagged me to list 5 things none of you know about me. Now, I'm looking ahead to a quiet Friday evening sacked out on the bed with a book from the library. I guess it's no secret that I spend a lot of time in the library, but this time I'll write about what I like to read, and how I got that way. And like Dave, I'll put this in chronological order, but there's a common thread to all of it.

Before getting to that, here are 5 people I'd like to hear from:

The ultimate 'test to failure' of a department store bike:

Christine "Peanut" Vardaros, assuming she has time for this given her racing schedule:

Captain Parkus is on temporary duty at the Messenger of Doom:

And yes, I know it's winter in Sydney, but what better time to write about painted people on bikes:

And finally, our own peripatetic Paul Tay. Skip the paint, Paul, and stick with the Santa suit!

The first tag:
I remember distinctly three books from grade school. In third grade, I read a book about 2 chipmunks who traveled the country from end to end. I don't recall the name of the book but I remember the sense of wonder and fascination that it brought. Sure, we had television, but a book relied more on my imagination and I could imagine things far more vividly than that black and white screen.

In fifth grade, I read a biology book on the human body. I remember being interested in the digestive and circulatory systems, but the sex stuff...not so much. Cutaway views of human anatomy are fascinating, but hardly sexy.

In sixth grade, I stumbled across Edgar Rice Burroughs. I read Tarzan, but the one that really snared my interest was A Princess of Mars. The idea of Deja Thoris wandering Barsoom clad in nothing but her jewels and weapons...well...did I mention my over-active imagination?

I read tons of sci-fi books for years afterward. Some few brought back that sense of wonder, but for the most part, it was simply a way to pass the time.

Second tag...
When I was about 15, my best friend and I haunted the local library. It was a long walk. But an older girl worked there and Mac and I both were infatuated. But she was an 'older woman' and all, probably about 18 or 19 and far out of our league.

We read a lot that summer.

Third tag...
In college, the quietest place to study was the fourth floor of the library. Studying in a dorm was nearly impossible. For that matter, sleep was almost impossible too. Most students didn't want to go to the top of the library building. It was very quiet and maybe a little creepy up there. I liked one corner as it was far from the elevator and any noises. One evening, my friend Laurie and I were comfortably ensconced in my corner when a librarian marched in and told us we were being too quiet! I had to wonder what else went on in that corner.

Fourth tag...
When I lived in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania, a couple of local ladies had a huge yard sale every summer. They scoured all the other yard sales and brought back box after box of books, which they sold for 25 cents apiece or 5 for a dollar, for paperbacks, and a couple of dollars for hardbacks. I knew that come winter I'd have nothing to do, so I bought sacks of books to squirrel away.

In one of those sacks, I came across an old hardback of poetry. I'm not a poetry fan so I gave it to my ex-wife. Big mistake. I found out later that it was a privately printed edition of lesbian love poems, a book that was illegal at the time it was printed, and as a result it was very rare and very valuable. I wonder if she knew?

Final tag...
As I mentioned above, I went through a sci-fi phase. And like most guys, I like the occasional techno-thriller. Most recently, however, I've been on a true crime kick. The latest is "Bind, Torture, Kill: The inside story of the serial killer next door". Way back in college, I majored in psychology and I've always been interested in abnormal psych. BTK didn't fit into the usual patterns for serial killers, or more clearly, he fit some but not others. While I read about
sociopaths, I don't ever want to encounter one.

So there you have it!

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Blogger Fritz said...

In most of your tags there seems to be a Freudian connection with your love for books!

My wife is working on her masters in clinical psych. She's working on a paper right this minute, which is why I'm on the Internet reading blogs on a Friday night.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Dave Moulton said...

Didn’t realize you were such a reader. You need to read my book, email me.

3:52 PM  
Blogger PEANUT said...

Your third tag reminded me of Jong's Fear of Flying. When i read it i was in my senior year of school at Columbia in NYC so of course my boyfriend and I had to test out the infamous "stacks" in the library to see if it was really what Jong leads us to believe it's like!
BTW, thanks for mentioning me in your blog!

9:54 AM  

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