Saturday, September 22, 2007

Egad! They're EVERYWHERE!

I wouldn't dream of using the seal above without the Bike Snob's permission. Nor would I steal his thunder regarding various misshapen fixed gear bikes and the hipsters who ride them. Honestly, he does it far better than me!

It grieves me to encounter nice old bikes that have been neglected so badly they're no longer usable. It annoys me when someone asks a high price for some old bike, maybe thinking that simply because it's old, it's valuable. A perfect example was the rusty old Schwinn Varsity that someone at work wanted to palm off on an unsuspecting co-worker. He had the nerve to ask $10 less than the bike sold for in 1976! And this one 'only' needed new tires. a new drivetrain, a new saddle, and a complete overhaul to make it rideable again.

So when I stumbled across this listing, I just had to do something with it. Names and email addresses have been redacted to protect the innocent. The owner says the bike has been 'happily camped out for a few years' and that may be true if your idea of camping is someplace like Camp Lejeune.

I have for sale a very nice Centurion Elite 10 speed bike. 27" tires.
IT NEEDS NEW TIRES ! It has been happily camped out in the garage for a few years.. I cleaned it off but not thoroughly.
Gears, Derailers, Chain, Brakes, etc are all in great shape. Rims are not bent. it has the skinny racing tires on it and the rubber is SHOT.. I was given the bike with those tires and have intended to replace them.. seat is good.. Frame is good, its Blue.. Decal has a few spots that have come off..
this is to be a Cash only, local sale..
call, leave a message...

new Tires and Tubes will be around $50.



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