Monday, January 07, 2008

Gotta love it!

Boing-Boing has a piece on Pimp Star wheels. These are an improvement over those bladed affairs for bicycles. They allow you to send text and photos to all your wheels or each of them individually while you're driving! Imagine the highway fun inherent in playing with your computer, impressing drivers around you, and negotiating the roadway and traffic.

Can anyone deny these would lead to distracted driving?

But go watch the video anyway, if only for the girl in the Ferrari. I wonder if she'd be impressed by a Pimp Starred Bianchi?


Blogger crankedmag said...

That's hilariously stupid. At least he got the girl at the end, right?

Maybe it was the super-cool scary alien face!


thanks for sharing, Michael

8:11 PM  
Blogger Fritz said...

That's so overtly pathetic I don't know what to say...

12:23 PM  

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