Friday, January 02, 2009

Tulsa Million Miles

I attended the kick off event for this year's Tulsa Million Miles Sign Up this morning. It was held at Hicks Recreation Center and included volleyball, ping-pong, and a recumbent bike race on stationary bikes. This program is intended to encourage people to walk, run, bike, and swim in an effort to promote better health in our community.

Vendors handed out water bottles, t-shirts, food, and literature. I'd had a big breakfast just before the event, so I passed on the food. But when I was asked to try the bike race, well, how could I pass it up? I've never been on any form of recumbent bike. These appeared to have a programmable resistance profile like a stationary bike I used long ago. The plan was simple – go as far as you can in three minutes. I tinkered with the seat position so I could spin effectively, warmed up briefly, and I was ready to go. My competitors would be toast.

Spinning at 110-115 revs against light resistance is fun. My quads were burning in the first minute. I closed my eyes and concentrated on pressure breathing. The burn was manageable, but my revs dropped off toward the end of the second minute. I closed my eyes. At the 3 minute mark, I'd 'ridden' 1.8 miles, a 36mph pace. If I could do that on the road, I'd turn pro.

I thought they were going to run several groups of people through the bike race, but it ended up just being the 3 of us, and my 1.8 miles was good enough to win! I sat on the bike awhile waiting for the lactic acid to clear, and I chatted with one of the women who works at the center. She said I was to get a prize, and I said that I really would appreciate a new Klein track bike. I think she rolled her eyes then. I have a knack for getting women to do that.

Shortly later, I was called to the front of the room and presented with my prize. See that big basket of assorted breads in the photo above? That was my prize! Tulsa's Great Harvest Bread Company provided the goodies, and in all honesty, it's more than my family and I could eat. So I gave Paul Tay one loaf, and dropped off some cookies at 360 Sports. Another loaf went to some neighbors. We still have 2 loaves – one with chocolate and cherries, the other with lots of nuts – and a big bag of granola. This is all comfort food for me, so I'm a happy (and very full) camper this evening.




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