Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Musette

Ah, the rare Sunday musette! I have a couple of short pieces for you today.

Bartlesville Road1

Yes, we had a Road1 course in Bartlesville yesterday. Forgive me, but despite LAB's name change, I still think of it as Road1, not Traffic Skills 101. But then I still use the occasional "League of American Wheelmen" moniker from time to time. It must have something to do with my age.

I'll have a longer post with some photos soon. But I have to say this now - yesterday's class was the best we've had so far. The group consisted of cyclists with varying levels of experience, as almost every class does. This one was articulate, attentive, and appreciative. Brian, Gary, and I had a fun time teaching. And as I've said repeatedly, bike riding is supposed to be fun, so learning about it should be fun as well.

Laptop news

I should have a replacement laptop later today. Yes, I'm still using my daughter's and I think she'll be relieved to see me using my own machine. The sign in screen on this one lists the number of unread mail messages for each user. My number is very high. This bothers her because she's Miss Neatness and insists that everything be tidy.

Once I have the laptop, I'll post those photos from Bartlesville.

The Crazy Cat Lady

Mary is a far better wife than I deserve. She's soft-hearted when it comes to animals, considerably less so when it comes to me. We've adopted numerous strays, taken in orphans, and tamed down some feral kittens.

The source of most feral kittens in our neighborhood has been Emma, a female about 3 or 4 years old. She was pregnant again through the winter. Mary coaxed her into the house about three weeks ago where she quickly learned the mysteries of the kitchen and the feeding schedule. Since she was pregnant, we fed her chicken livers twice a day, good nutrition for a momma cat. On Easter, she had 4 fat kittens.

At 3AM Thursday morning, Mary woke me and put a small, sopping wet kitten in my hands. She thought one of the other cats had tried to kill it, but a quick count showed 4 kittens still huddled up next to Emma. Where did the fifth one come from?

In a few minutes, we realized that another very young cat, hardly more than a kitten herself, was the momma. Angel (a misnomer of the first order) is only about 8 months old. She's one of the feral cats we took in at Christmas. We knew she was fat, but the cat eats constantly. She's a feline garbage disposal. No one realized she was pregnant.

I'll have photos of the kittens up soon, too.


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