Thursday, December 24, 2009

Don't drink and drive

We've all had this drilled into us since we were teenagers. Don't drink and drive. Call a cab. Friends don't let friends drive drunk. Designated drivers. The lot.

But I'm not writing about alcohol. No, I'm writing about the horror resulting from drinking large quantities of coffee, tea, or even water while taking medication for high blood pressure. The meds I'm taking contain a mild diuretic, so staying hydrated is essential. If I don't 'top off the tank' I get dizzy, and all that hydration means my bladder is always full. Driving is a short-range activity, at best.

I told Number One Son that the family curse revolves around beautiful women throwing themselves at us with reckless abandon. I lied. The real family curse is that the simple act of riding in a car leads to uncomfortably full bladders in a matter of minutes. And that was before I started these meds! No matter how short the drive, when we park the car, we have to find a men's room.

Absent that men's room, there's always the possibility of taking a nature break along what seems to be a deserted road. I say 'seems to be deserted' because on too many occasions when I've sought al fresco relief, a car load of church ladies goes by, their eyes carefully averted. Worse are those guys who drive by realizing what's going on - probably because they've been in the same situation - and they insist on honking and waving.

Trust me - if you do that while I'm intently studying the roadside vegetation, I will not turn around and wave back.



Blogger WheelDancer said...

I hear you on this one. I'm not on any meds but find when I get on the bike in cold weather I immediately have to make water and since I ride in an urban setting, an al fresco nature break isn't an option. As a result I plan my commute based on known relief stations along the way.

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