Monday, February 06, 2012

Number One Son has found gainful employment! And no, it's not actually at the Krusty Krab. He's working for a place known for having a clown as a spokesman. He's not particularly happy about the job, and he even said, "I can't believe I ate this stuff!"

But it's a job. He's discovered that having a job, even a McJob, is better than having no job when you need the money. I pointed out that I once found work as a...ahem...sewer inspector. Mind you, I was not a lowly mere sewer worker. I was an inspector. Now, there weren't any sewer workers, of course, so we were all inspectors. Go figure. Still, when I was 18 I knew there would never be a time that I'd work for a living with a shovel in my hand, but 10 years later, there I was shoveling...stuff.

Here's a free tip from a former professional...stuff...shoveler: Use a flat bottomed shovel. It's a lot less work.

Also, if you find employment at a local eating establishment and you have a parental figure given to uncontrolled bursts of sarcasm, don't leave your ID badge laying around where he might find it, photograph it, and apply a bit of photo editing magic.


Blogger lemmiwinks said...

When you said "clown for a spokesman" I was still stuck in cartoon mode after looking at that name badge, and was thinking "He got a job at Krusty Burger?!"

3:42 PM  

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