Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A snow no-show!

Ha! There wasn't any real snow after all!

I stopped at the grocery this morning. Janet, the night shift check out clerk, said the store had been very busy last night. So busy, in fact, that the restocking she usually completes at 3AM was still unfinished at nearly 6! People went nuts, as the normally do here when it snows. They bought all the milk, bread,
eggs, and toilet paper. I told her that when I lived in Pennsylvania, we always hit the beer distributor and the liquor store. Different priorities, I guess.

But I still didn't ride today. The roads were wet. A mixture of rain and snow was falling. I don't like riding in fog, and I don't like riding in the dark in the rain. Visibility is a big issue. Well, that, and arriving at work soaked through makes for a long, cold day. Sure, I have dry clothing, but when it's just above freezing and it's wet, I get chilled to the bone.

Other news:
Susan Walker ran a provocative piece in Wheel Issues about drinking and bicycling. I wrote a long response that (in my not-too-humble opinion) is fair and balanced. It should be in the next issue. Here's the URL for Wheel Issues:

Here's the URL for the drunken cyclist piece:


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