Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Two-wheeled tow truck...

Later this week, I’m planning to go yard sale-ing on my fixed gear Centurion. I’m looking for useable bikes for the Community Cycling Project as well as suitable fixed gear candidates for myself. A Peugeot with those curlicue lugs would be very nice. I dream.

But I don’t want to drive the car around. I’m thinking of using a front axle assembly mounted to a wood block, with the wood block in turn mounted to the rear rack of the Centurion. Instant bicycle tow truck! I could remove the front wheel of another bike, lock it into the axle assembly, and tow it home. The front wheel could be bungied to the frame. It would work.

From the bike, I could cover the whole town in an hour or two. And since my kids are teenagers and She-Who-etc usually sleeps late, I could get it done before anyone woke up! That’s important. There are too many bikes in the garage already, according to She-Who-etc, and if I dragged another one home….well, let’s just say that it would not contribute to marital harmony. Still, I bought her flowers last week and again this week. Maybe I’m paid up in advance.



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