Saturday, May 21, 2005

I got them Nyquil blues again, Momma…

We had thunderstorms Wednesday night. The thunder woke me at about 4AM. When I got up a little before 6, there was steady rain. By the time I left for work, it was down to light rain. I looked at the radar and it appeared the rain was about to taper off. Sure enough, just after I arrived at work, it stopped. Lucky me.

Riding in the rain isn’t terribly uncomfortable provided you don’t mind getting wet and you can stay warm. I carry a cheap vinyl rain jacket for those occasions, and sometimes I’ll let a bit of air out of the tires for better traction. My legs develop cramps when it’s cold and wet, so I try to have some leg warmers or tights available too.

It’s about the only time I use the rear brake, except for panic stops. When you consider that every cyclist depends on a front tire contact patch about the size of a thumbprint, the last thing he wants is to have that front tire skid. Recovering from a rear tire skid is usually easy. But a front tire skid has immediate and very unpleasant consequences. The cyclist goes down.

At quitting time, my shoes were still damp even though I’d stuffed them with newspapers to speed drying. I’d forgotten to wring out my gloves and they were soggy. But it was near 90F outside, so I didn’t worry about getting cold. Actually, since the electronics shop is usually chilly, I looked forward to going outside to warm up! I probably should have washed the gloves, because they definitely smelled funky this morning. Maybe that’s why dogs chase us. They smell that nasty glove odor and think it’s something dead they can roll in.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. My kids shared their cold with me, and I’ve been sick all this week. The crud settled in my throat. I haven’t been able to talk much since Tuesday. I’m improving, but I’m really looking forward to taking a big slug of Nyquil tonight so I can turn into a green-tongued sleep monster. Really, I haven’t slept well all week. Nyquil knocks me out, but it also makes me groggy most of the next day. I don’t take it when I have to work. But the idea of a solid night’s sleep is very appealing.

Yes, all that means I’m sick and I still rode my bike in the rain yesterday. Maybe I’m a little sick in the head too.


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