Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Our anniversary

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary of our wedding. I stopped on the way home and bought some roses, tucking them vertically into my pannier. The bike looked kind of nice with a big bouquet of flowers sticking up in the back. Then I rode over to the liquor store and bought some spumante, not champagne.

Before our wedding, Mary said she didn’t want champagne because it wasn’t sweet enough. She really likes the sugary stuff! I had no idea what to buy until someone suggested spumante. It’s a sparkling white wine that’s much sweeter than champagne. It was an instant hit with Mary. I’d prefer something drier, but the point of the exercise was to please Mary, not myself.

I rolled my bike into the store and one of the clerks yelled to the other, “Hey! This is how you should treat your wife! Look at all these roses!”

I laughed. “It’s my wedding anniversary. I can’t go home empty handed.” I bought the wine and pedaled off toward home.

When I got there, I put the flowers and wine on the kitchen table, then called for Mary. She was thrilled. “Roses! I love roses! And wine! You remembered!” Then she said she had something for me too. She brought out a big, heavy box. I was thinking bike tools, bike parts, bike something. She’d given me a new cordless phone system for the house!

And I think that’s hysterically funny! I bought something romantic. She bought something practical. I was telling one of my co-workers about it when he said, “Don’t complain. My wife gave me new wall-to-wall carpeting on one of our anniversaries!”

I am definitely not complaining.


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