Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Musette

Mikhail thought I might be interested in this article on the Treehugger site.

It's an article about cycling and air pollution, and the exposure that a cyclist faces by riding in proximity to motor vehicle traffic. While it's true that cyclists may be exposed to various forms of pollution from cars and trucks, the overall health benefits of regular exercise likely outweigh the risks. That's mere assumption on my part, though.

Still, there's a kind of street theater in the idea of a cyclist riding while wearing a pesticide respirator, for instance. These are the big rubber face pieces with 2 cartridge filters attached to either cheek. I have one at work for painting and hazmat. Toss in a pair of goggles, and you'd have that authentic Darth Vader look!


I was nearing home yesterday afternoon, rounding the bend at the bottom of our hill, when my neighbor Chuck came up alongside on his Harley-Davidson. I waved. He yelled hello, then I was up and out of the saddle, sprinting away from him! He caught up and we rode side by side up the hill at 20 mph. Chuck had it a little easier than me. He wasn't even breathing hard! He won the sprint too, but only by half a bike length. And I've been having leg cramps and pain ever since! The ego writes checks the body can't cash.


Theres a guy with a PA system in his car on morning commute. He always says something as he goes by, and it's always something friendly. Maybe I could carry a megaphone, and ask him to come ride with me some morning.


It's been a week for headwinds, leg cramps, Icy Hot, and whiskey. I had a headwind both ways when a front went through at mid day. I really don't like days like that. They leave me feeling puny.


The county sheriff's deputy who I call Officer Cupcake has been haunting the back roads I travel going home. I've seen him several times now, so it's probably not coincidence. He really is a dick. Every time I've seen him, he's immediately pulled over the very next car he sees. It's a 35 mph speed limit out there, and it's unlikely the motorists were driving at much more than that. It's probably only a matter of time before he stops me again. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll review the relevant cycling law in the meantime, and maybe even print up some handy copies.



Blogger Mikhail Capone said...

"The ego writes checks the body can't cash."

Did you make that up? Google can't find it..

It's great! :D

10:57 AM  
Blogger Ed W said...

Sorry, Mikhail, I didn't make that up. I stole it somewhere, but I can't remember who said it first.

I have two rules: Edit ruthlessly, and steal shamelessly!


1:13 PM  

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