Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reprint from Cyclelicious

(This is a reprint of a piece on Cyclelicious. Used by permission. As I learn more about blogging, I believe in sharing what I've learned. So, with that in mind, I reprint this information here. I read Cycle-licious every day via the Avantog service on my ancient Palm IIIc. It strips away the photos, saving precious memory space. But since Fritz wrote about these other ways to stay current on selected blogs, I'll have to learm more and do some experimenting...Ed)

Full or partial feed?
I provide both a full and partial feed, but I'm considering converting the partial feed on Feedburner into a full feed. For those subscribing via the Feedburner feed: Is the lack of a full feed a real hassle for you? Cycle-licious is heavy on photography, but these are not currently included in the partial feed that most of my readers subscribe to. If enough people comment I'll probably switch to providing a full feed on Feedburner.

For those of you who manually visit Cycle-licious every day: I thank you for your loyal patronage, but for the sake of your time you really should consider using a feed reader. I use Bloglines because I use multiple computers and it works well, but there are plenty of good readers out there (and plenty of lousy ones as well). Feed readers allow you to read all of your blogs in one place and they only display the blog entries that you haven't read yet. I provide easy one-click subscription under "Feed Me" in the sidebar to the left.
posted by Fritz

(I didn't include the 'Feed Me' link that he refers to, so you'll ahve to visit Cyclelicious to follow it.........Ed)
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