Saturday, October 29, 2005

Scanner Fun...follow-up

Here's what I sent to our local Chief of Police yesterday:

Chief Yancey,

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon, my wife immediately asked if someone had been honking at me on 129th. She had the scanner on in the kitchen. I said that a guy in a pickup laid on the horn, revved his engine, and tried to bully me off the road on my bicycle. Mary replied that it wasn't a guy. It was a woman and she'd called the police to complain that I was blocking traffic and I'd made some rude gestures.

The dispatcher put out the call, and an officer immediately replied that he'd just passed me and I wasn't doing anything illegal. He went on to say that motorists get impatient at rush hour, and if someone were honking at him, he'd probably make some gestures too. Actually, I'd waved at the motorist using all FIVE fingers, for emphasis. It keeps my blood pressure down.

I just wanted to thank you and your officers for your professionalism. Too often cyclists confront motorists and law enforcement officers who have very limited knowledge of the bicycling laws, and even more limited practical experience of riding in traffic. My only regret about yesterday's complaint is that there was no way to educate the motorist regarding the law and safe riding practice.


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