Friday, February 24, 2006

INCOG Bicycle Advisory Group Meeting Summary

February 21, 2006

This is a brief summary of the most recent meeting of the Bicycle Advisory Group. It is not meant as a substitute for the official minutes. The summary is provided as an informal account of the committee's work, in order to keep local cyclists, cycling clubs, and other interested persons up to date on the proceedings. If anyone has a question regarding specifics, I'll try to address them.

Trail Projects. See the INCOG trail map for details and updates:

Trail bridge at Haikey Creek (Mingo/ BS South Loop) - construction expected to begin late summer 2006 and will take about 6 months.

Mingo Trail - 11th St to 41st St complete; Funded: 11th to Mingo Rd, 41st to 81st St.; Creek Turnpike to 81st complete. Trail will close 2-4 weeks for sound wall construction. Proposed Pedestrian Bridge at 71st St is funded, but design is in preliminary planning phase.

Owasso/Mohawk Park - conceptual design complete, anticipate construction 2007.

Fry Ditch Creek (Bixby) - Conceptual design complete, funding application pending.

Crow Creek Trail - Conceptual design underway.

Jenks/Bixby Rail Trail - Conceptual design anticipated completion Fall 2006.

River Parks East Bank Trail Extension - Conceptual design anticipated completion Fall 2006.

Liberty Trail - Phase 1 complete. Phase 2&3: begin construction Spring 2006.

Cherry Creek Trail - Negotiating easements. Anticipate awarding contract by 3rd qtr 2006.

West Bank II Trail - Negotiating easements with RR. Anticipate construction late 2006.

Midland Valley Trail Extension - Anticipate construction in 2006, still waiting for ODOT response re: ROW--could delay project to 2007.

Osage Prairie Trail - Construction underway from Tulsa to Skiatook. Skiatook to Barnsdall unfunded. Protected crossing at Pine St.

Joe Creek Trail - Preliminary work and conceptual design complete. Scheduled public meeting March 14, 2006, Zarrow Campus.

River Park Trail and Creek Nation Casino - Still in negotiation with Creek Nation. Tentative trail plans call for the trail to be relocated west of new casino after new casino building is constructed. There are temporary buildings on route at present. No funding as yet.

Signage: Staff will investigate possible signage for the certain trails. Signage requires both uniformity and funding. Will be an agenda item in next meeting.

Bike2Work Rally - Kickoff celebration-Friday, May 19, 2006. Need as many cyclists to participate as possible in order to make this event a success. INCOG would like to use this event to promote cycling in the region, so cyclist participation is very important! Expecting around 200 people to attend, with booths and information. Event will be held at the Williams Company Green area (downtown Tulsa). Will have more information next month.

Discussion of Bicycle-Friendly Community Designation. "Bicycle friendly" is
a quality of life issue that can attract new people and businesses to the

Possible Yellow Bike program using smart racks (per Adam V.)

Discussion of Mingo Valley trailhead near 41st and Hyw169.

Future agenda topics:
Public Information (websites/maps/etc)
Legislation update - local ordinances

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 9, 2006


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