Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

This is from Fred Oswald. I've posted it because I agree with his choices regarding candidates for the LAB board.....Ed

If you live in LAB Region 1, 4 or 6 and you haven't sent in your director's ballot yet, please get it in the mail right away. We must have responsive directors to allow LAB to recover from the mismanagement of recent years.

In Region 1, John Allen is unopposed but a healthy vote will make his voice stronger.

In region 6, we have John Forester, creater of our education program. Need one say more?

In Region 4, please vote for Jim Sheehan.

Jim is an active LCI who runs BikeEd classes nearly every weekend from his Ohio City Bike Coop. Jim teaches kids both mechanics and good riding methods. Jim will improve the education program and strengthen the League as a defender of our rights.

Jim's opponent 's focus has been almost entirely on facilities, which often have serious safety compromises. They are also expensive and they reinforce the public impression that cyclists are inferior users of the road. Interestingly, although both candidates are from Ohio, Jim has the endorsement of the Ohio cycling advocates. His opponent's support is from out of state.

Please send in that vote today. Please also encourage other members you know to vote also.

Checkout www.labreform.org for more information about the LAB leadership crisis and what must be done to save our League. Also, see the LAB Reform education pages on this site. We have material you can use in your classes.


Fred Oswald, LCI #947,
See cycling information at http://www.crankmail.com/bike-res.html and
Help democratize LAB: http://www.labreform.org


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