Friday, April 28, 2006

Seventh Sense...revisited

This really does involve that 'seventh sense' I wrote about earlier this week. Now, here in America, everyone is entitled to an opinion, yet I get the feeling that if an infinite number of monkeys sat in front of an infinite number of typewriters it's entirely possible that they'd write the complete works of Shakespeare. But first I suspect they'd stumble across blogging.

In a country that claims to celebrate individuality and freedom of choice, there's huge social pressure to conform, to become part of the herd, and to think, act, dress, and behave identically to every other herd member. This guy would have us believe that the socially responsible among us would give up our bikes for automobiles, if only to avoid inconveniencing motorists.

Perhaps it's not going to come as a surprise that he has comments turned off.

A Practical Alternative to the Bicycle

As I was stuck in yet another line of traffic this morning, I couldn't help thinking "Wow, if only this fucking moron riding a bike was familiar with the work of Henry Ford*"

You see the motor car is a practical, environment friendly alternative to a bicycle, and yet this clutz with his shiny yellow jacket is completely unaware and is ruining mine and everyone else's journey to work. If only someone would tell him.

"GET A CAR" I scream as I finally fight past him. Nothing. Too stupid, doesn't understand.

You see instead of riding a bicycle, getting in the way of all the vehicles that are paying road tax, forcing them to constantly stop and start and burn more fuel than they should have to, causing pollution and creating a huge congestion problem, these people could actually use the very mode of transport that they are getting in the way of. The car.

Riding a bicycle does not ease congestion, it makes it worse. It does not reduce pollution, it increases it. All bikes do is stop traffic flowing, they create more pollution by forcing cars to constantly brake and accelerate, cause accidents that cost lives, and ultimately get where they were going slower, scruffier, and one hundred times stupider than those people who did the decent thing and got in a fucking car and drove there.

There's more, but why bother? I'll muster as much feigned sincerity as I can and say, "I feel your pain."


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You can at least email him and let him know what you think...

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