Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dish Network Follow-up

This is the response from Dish Network:

Thank you for your email. We would like to apologize on behalf of the DISH Network for the way you were treated by our representative. Please understand that as a growing company, we are continuously training all of our employees and constantly re-evaluating our customer service.

We appreciate that you have brought this to our attention so that we may address this issue with the appropriate personnel/department. Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies and we thank you for your feedback.

We appreciate your email and we are always happy to be of service.

It seems to be a form letter. Granted, the incident was an isolated one, unlike the white Honda events, so it's very unlikely that I'll see that driver again. But it would be wonderful to get some companies with large fleets to include some cycling information in their safety literature. I work in aviation and safety is pounded into us with annual training. I'd suspect that any large fleet operation has something similar, if only because the lawyers insist.


Blogger Fritz said...

A delivery driver for New Belgium nearly creamed me last year. I described the incident and vehicle on a contact form from New Belgium's website. In response, I got a personal note from the president of New Belgium letting me know they would ensure this driver (who works for a sub) and all of their drivers know to respect the rights of cyclists to use the road.

Similar thing happened in my previous city of Longmont, Colorado. Utility worker hooked me, I wrote to the city, my note was forwarded to the appropriate department and the driver's supervisor called me and told me he had a meeting with the driver.

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