Friday, June 09, 2006

Tour de Owasso - Part 2

I hit the big time today!

A woman had her husband's old bicycle, a Giant RS950 road bike, for sale for $5! It's too small for me, but I simply couldn't pass it by. This is a chrome-moly frame, about 56cm center-to-top, with Shimano 105 downtube shifters and related parts. It has Biopace chainrings, which would probably put the manufacturing date as early to mid-80s. This is a steel frame with horizontal frame ends that would make the bike a good candidate for a fixed gear. The wheels are Shimano 105 6 speed with Wolber rims and dry rotted tires. This bike does not appear to have had heavy use. I'll know more after measuring the chain wear.

But it does have one of those funky, white Turbo saddles.

This one may go into the community cycling program as a donation, or if Jordan is interested, he may ride it for the summer. For that matter, I think it's Brian's size too, so he may be interested in a backup commuter bike.

The Giant originally came from Tom's Bicycles down in Tulsa, so I'll write to him about it too.


Blogger Paul Tay said...

For 5 clams, ya made good. I got me a Giant MTB, free, except for the gas money to BA to pick up. Biopace rings too. Otherwise, cleaned up well. I am gonna try this kewl new idea for chain lube and cleaner: model airplane fuel. It turns out da said fuel is a highly flammable, well duh, mixture of probably kerosene and some kind of lubricant, probably parafin. Da said kerosene vapors off and leaves a film of some kinda protective slimy stuff, da parafin? Dunno...will let ya know. How did I come about this model airplane fuel? I wuz cleanin' out a rental unit for a friend. Boy howdy, it wuz some kinda meth house or sumthin'. So, I'm thinkin' da cooks were using da said fuel for some kinda cook. Got any ideas on dat?

1:09 PM  
Blogger Paul Tay said...

TIM 4 DA, SHARE THE ROAD, IT'S THE LAW....all rollin' now, during Friday rush. Keep yer camera handy, and tune to PIMP Radio FM 107.3, suckaaaaaaas!

3:49 PM  

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