Monday, June 05, 2006

OT - a simple question...

With the arrests of 17 would-be Al Quaeda terrorists in Canada, I have to wonder how they were initially discovered by the authorities. Could it be that their emails were monitored by our own NSA who then turned the information over to the Canadians? Since we can expect our government to be snooping through our mail, we can expect they'd have even less scruples about snooping through foreign mail. I would bet that a lot of Canadian traffic goes through US servers.

Another thing - since we've never had a known instance of Al Quaeda terrorists infiltrating through the Mexican border, are the militia groups who've been monitoring the southern border going up north to build razor wire fences to keep the Canadians out too?

Oh wait. Canadians are mostly white folks. It's not gonna happen.

...and yes, I'm implying that the 'patriot' groups patrolling our southern border are nothing more than racially-motivated bigots, using an anti-immigration stance as justification for their hatred.


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