Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Owasso Restaurant: Sticks Chicken House

I’m a bad, bad man. I’ve been craving both fried chicken and barbecued ribs, things that I probably shouldn’t eat since I’m trying to lose weight. But those fat-drenched foods taste so good!

Mid-day Saturday, I ran errands, the usual round of stops including: Atwoods, the library, and the Goodwill store. I was looking for some cheap work shirts, and I hate going shopping. But I did come across a 15 million candlepower searchlight at Belks that would do an admirable job of lighting up the road in front of my bicycle. Only two problems: it weighs a ton and requires a high amperage supply, and it’s likely to be so bright I’d have an impromptu meeting with the local cops.

The shopping extravaganza made me hungry. I’d noticed that Sticks had just opened, so I decided to try it.

There was a sign on the front door, advising customers that the employees are still training. But the restaurant was open and serving food. As soon as I entered, two employees approached to offer a menu, then waited attentively while I read it and ordered. The shop is brand-spankin’-new and very clean.

Fernando Bernabe, the owner of Sticks, came to my table and asked if the food was OK. It was more than OK! It was very good. He serves chicken, pork, and beef done Philippine style. I’d ordered chicken kabobs. The chicken is marinated in ginger, garlic, vinegar, and spices. I had garlic rice and spring rolls too. Fernando pointed out that one of the sauces for the spring rolls is a kind of Philippine vinegar. He brought the bottle out to the table. It had peppers, garlic, and onions too, but the flavor wasn’t intense. It was a good dip for the spring rolls.

Sticks isn’t a franchised restaurant. Bernabe owns it. Mom and Pop businesses like his are an endangered species. It’s a nice alternative to all the chain restaurants we have. Owasso already has nearly every species of Mexican restaurant imaginable. Pizza and burger places are a close second. Having lighter, tasty food is a refreshing change.

The only thing missing is a bicycle rack out front.

Sticks Chicken House is at 9540 N Garnett Road.


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