Saturday, August 19, 2006

A quick note...

Fritz asked if there were any photos available of Thursdays' Road1 class for TPS PE instructors. Sadly, I have none.

Since I was riding my bike to the class, and then going on to work, I didn't want to take a camera along. Partly this is due to my previous experience with cameras and electronics aboard a bicycle. Vibration tends to shake them apart. My laptop, for instance, develops intermittent connections to the keyboard that requires disassembly and cleaning. It's a PITA.

But there's also the security aspect, something that I cannot avoid. I work inside the security perimeter at the airport. Cameras are strictly verboten. I will not risk my job and my family's livelihood for some photos. The airline has fired employees for this and I simply will not risk it.

Finally, I have to learn how to post photos to CycleDog too, and it's another thing I've been procrastinating about for far too long.


Blogger Fritz said...

*tsk*! Your JOB is on the line. Your livelihood. What kind of namby-pamby excuses are these??

No, seriously, I guess that's understandable.

As for how to post to the blog, with Flickr it's not too difficult, though I suppose it may require a change from your scheme of cut-and-paste from a Word doc.

5:34 PM  

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