Sunday, December 24, 2006

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Graphic Novel

Nobody does fear mongering better than the NRA. Nobody. Not Thunderhead Alliance. Not Bikes Belong. Not LAB. Not even the bicycle helmet do-gooders.

Wonkette has a marvelous piece on a graphic novel the NRA is publishing. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful! I have to get a copy.

I really have to admire effective campaigns the NRA conducts. They raise money over real and imagined threats to the Second Amendment, all without ever challenging the basis of most of our gun control laws. That would be the act enacted in 1934 (I think) that defined what types of weapons Americans can possess. If the "shall not be infringed" phrase is taken at face value, we have to right to own ANY firearm, regardless of type. I don't want or need a full-auto. I'm too cheap to buy all that ammunition! But the NRA has never challenged the law. They raise plenty of money through fear mongering over the threats, yet they're not interested in resolving the issue in the courts. Most likely, they'd lose and their membership base would evaporate.

A (Cyclist's) Christmas Story

It reads like re-take on the Red Ryder BB Gun chestnut, but it's entertaining nonetheless, particularly if you're an fixed-gear obsessed Italophile!


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