Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A short post...

I was dehydrated this morning. When I arrived at work, I thought it would be a good idea to down some Gatorade rather than coffee, but when I opened the can of Gatorade powder, the odor was an assault on my nostrils! The first whiff of this stuff smelled like those nasty, disreputable Keds we wore as kids, fetid, slowly rotting shoes so offensive that Mom wouldn't allow them inside her house.

I stood there blinking rapidly for a moment, and in that short moment, the smell was gone. I put the Gatorade back in the drawer and made lemonade instead.

Gatorade is building a new production facility here in Oklahoma. I'm not putting down their product in any way because I routinely drink gallons of it through the summer. I don't know why is smelled that way, or why it brought back memories of my childhood Keds. Chances are it's perfectly good so I'll eventually drink it. But that initial smell was very, very strange.

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