Sunday, August 05, 2007

About your shortcomings...

Spinopsys has a follow-up piece on the RTA ad implying that those men who engage in "hoonery" on Australian roads are, shall we say, less well endowed than the rest of us. This is illustrated in the ad by women holding up a fist with their pinky finger extended and slightly curled, indicating a flaccid or limp, uh, member.

"But the advertisement, aired for the first time last month, has raised the ire of some male viewers, who feel it is demeaning."

Now, here in America, instead of a complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau, the whole thing would end up in court as some offended hoon brought a lawsuit. Of course, that would be picked up by the voracious writers at Law and Order in their endless quest to occupy every television frequency and every cable and satellite channel as part of their plan for global domination.

Plaintiff's attorney: Your honor, my client has been publicly humiliated by this egregious advertising on the part of the road safety authorities. He asks for five million dollars in damages for the pain and suffering he's experienced as well as a permanent injunction against the airing of said advertisement.

Judge (played by John Cleese): Right. Have the plaintiff approach the bench.

Plaintiff's attorney: This is highly irregular, your honor.

Judge: Get on with it. This is my court and I want the plaintiff in front of the bench.

Plaintiff gets to his feet and stand before the judge: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Right. Let's see it then.

Plaintiff: What! You want to see it? Right here?

Judge: Yes, come on, we haven't got all day.

Plaintiff: Well, all right. (Looks around furtively while rummaging in his trousers.)

Judge (bangs gavel): Case dismissed!

OK, maybe it wouldn't make it on Law and Order, but we can hope.



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