Monday, March 10, 2008

Kajuan Cornish

You may recall the story of Kajuan Cornish, a cyclist convicted of reckless driving and fined over $1000 under the state of Virginia's draconian 'abusive driver' law. Cornish was riding back to work when he was stopped by a police officer who said other motorists had to slow down in order to avoid hitting him.

Well, here's the good news. The state voted to rescind the legislation effective July 1st. Originally, they enacted this law to add to the state's revenue and fund more road construction. This was an ingenious end-run around taking responsibility for road funding by raising taxes. Or so it seemed at the time.

Here's the news piece about the change.

(And as an aside, it's amazing how much reading and writing I can get done when I leave the stupid television off for the evening!)



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