Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tulsa Tough and more...

I just tossed these photos in here. We have the first Tulsa Tough touring event going today, and I was invited over to Gary Parker's house which is atop the first big climb of the day. We clapped and cheered as the riders went by, aided ourselves by a tasty concoction of fruit juice and wine. It's kind of nice to be a little bit boozy in the morning!

The other shots are from a Teabagger event held here in Owasso later in the morning. They're protesting the city taking on $6.3 million in debt to build sewer and water lines out to an addition which is planned to have about 450 homes in the $200K and up range. The rally attracted the usual anti-tax crowd and it was held in a park built with, um, tax money. The participants arrived in cars and trucks that traveled over roads built with ... more tax money. And several speakers are political office holders who are paid money.

It made me a little bit nauseous.


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