Monday, July 06, 2009

An apology

I haven't looked in my spam folder for a while. When I opened it today, there were about a dozen emails forwarded from the comments section here on CycleDog. So I'm apologizing to those of you whose comments I did not see. I'll read through them and put responses - if required - here on the main page.

G-mail diverted these to my spam folder, like I said, and the contents of that folder are, um, unusual. That's a polite way to put it, anyway. There's well over a thousand messages. Some are listed below because it's a quick and easy post. Yes, I'm fundamentally lazy.

A sampling:

Think You Know Much About "Intimacy"?

Yes, I do. And it's unlikely I'll learn more from your e-mail.

More bankers commit suicide

We can only hope.

Give her much more pleasure than she expects from you.

She's gonna out-live me. That should be pleasure enough.

Shower her with bedroom moments she won't forget

We have two kids. It's unlikely she'll forget how they came to be here.

Be hot long action king

Listen, at my age, “long hot action” involves spicy food.

Girls best friend ? Viagra pink!

And here I was thinking it was diamonds.

Become perpetuum mobile of love heedlessness semipellucid

Why does this sound like Umberto Eco talking dirty?

Get real mammoth in pants

Mammoths are extinct. What are you implying?

Become her master, he, whose rod can show her where heaven is.

You know, I kinda like this one as a new name – He-whose-rod-points-to-Heaven – or some such.

Get your hair problems fixed with Rogaine.

Have you seen my hair?

Why lie? I need money.

Ah. Refreshing honesty.

And you does feel badly? It is not needed to take a recipe!

Good. I wasn't planning on taking a recipe.

Well, that was fun. Now I can go empty that folder.



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Be careful! Your blog might get marked as spam with these magic key phrases.

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