Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday Musette

Seriously, this has taken two days to write. I've have a plethora of interruptions. I gave myself a deadline of tonight to complete this post, and I'm facing another one tomorrow.

Chuck's memorial service

I have to say this. You don't often hear Lynrd Skynrd at a memorial service.

I went to Chuck's funeral service yesterday, feeling distinctly over-dressed in a shirt and tie. His friends - all of them Harley riders - turned out in black t-shirts with the HD logo prominently displayed. They took the 'celebrate his life' to heart, and celebrate they did.

There were equal parts of laughter and tears. Chuck would have been highly amused. It reminded me of something my mother-in-law said after the death of her husband. "The shell is here but the nut is gone!"

Bon voyage, Chuck.


This exchange took place after I'd been feeling puny a few weeks ago. Lemme tell ya sumthin....

Yokota Fritz
left a comment:

I'm glad you're better. I was feeling pretty rough over the weekend too and I've spent the beginning of this week with no energy. Hopefully this too shall pass.

Tejvan Pettinger left a comment:

M.Indurain was asked his worst moment in pro cycling. He said it was riding behind T.Rominger when he had the attack of the runs..

Glad you feel better :)

That brings up some very uncomfortable images!

Recently, I read of some hapless domestique who had to hold a cycling cap as his team captain relieved himself into it. All this while riding in the middle of the peleton. These are the things they don't show on television. Somehow, the role of domestique just lost much of its glamour.


The Donut Guy said...

Oh my.

I'll be bit torrenting all my TdF coverage this year.

I'll be a day behind but I won't have to watch endless commercials.

Did they mention anything about Lance yet?:-)

Some people just can't help themselves when it comes to being a wise guy! And maybe, just maybe, you should 'splain the bit torrent stuff for those of us in the technological dark ages - like me. It would make a good post on your blog. Hint, hint.


Kristina left a new comment on "The shogun (OT)":

Hi, I really like your blog, and would like to include it in my diploma paper in Discourse Analysis. I would really appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to take part in the research, so if you're interested please visit my blog.

Yes, of course I'm a sucker for a pretty girl. Guys are hard-wired that way. Then I read this on Boing Boing:

Computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have figured out how to predict Social Security numbers from publicly accessible birth data with frightening accuracy. The researchers analyzed a public information source known as the "Death Master File," which includes birth data and SSNs for people who have died. The scientists found that in many instances, if you know the date and state in which a person was born, you can deduce their SSN.

Sorry, Kristina, but I probably won't be participating. I'm just paranoid that way.

On Cool Old Bike, I wrote about a beautiful old racing bike down at Tom's Bicycles.

Blogger The Donut Guy said...

Are you serious?...Buy it and ride the crap out of it.

Seriously, if I had that much money to throw around ( I don't) I'd probably buy it and hang it on a wall- it *is* art:-)

Blogger Yokota Fritz said...

I'm with Donut -- it's been lying fallow for who knows how long, it deserves to get outdoors now.

But wow, it sure is shiny looking.

Guys, I taught Mary to shoot, remember? And I always fall asleep before she does. That makes me an easy target. She's already trying to kill me a forkful at a time - with my enthusiastic help - so don't make it worse. Tonight's poison was oven-fried chicken, mashed potatoes with real gravy, corn, stuffing, and and fresh-baked rolls. I'm tellin' ya, the woman has it in for me!


OK, that's all for now. Tomorrow's deadline (for those of you who've fought all the way down here to the end) is for an Examiner piece on (gasp!) bicycle tires. I know, I know. The excitement is almost underwhelming, but we'll soldier on.

Thanks for reading!


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