Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday musette

I just put a Musette post over on the Examiner. It includes a snarky pot-shot at helmet nannies, a brief mention of a new law in Missouri allowing cyclists to ride through red lights, and a piece about scorchers in Nashville.

Also - while I'm thinking about it - I should mention that there are two web albums hosting photos I've used here. One is on Picasa. The other is on Flickr. They both have pluses and minuses. Flickr offers a rudimentary photo editor. Picasa does too, if you download their photo application to your computer, but the web albums allow you to re-size photos in a batch.

In the last couple of days, I've been playing with another batch re-sizer called FastStone photo resizer. Most of the shots I've taken are 4 megabyte files. I like this because I can take a section and enlarge it to a usable image. This is most useful when shooting wide angles without actually looking at the viewfinder or the rear screen.

This was cropped and straighten in Picasa. It was taken from a moving Jeep as I held the camera out the window and guessed at aiming it. And it helps that the Canon keeps taking pictures as long as I hold the button down. My older Kodak only takes 3 or 4 shot bursts.

Storage gets to be a problem with all these photos, because as I said, they're 4 megabyte files. Resizing them reduces the storage space needed, and I can keep the originals on CDs or other media.


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