Sunday, January 03, 2010

Here's an idea...

There's another Tulsa blogger who publishes one photo per day. Sadly, I can't remember where I ran across his site, but it did give me the idea to do much the same thing. This blog is branching out into other areas, most notably some photography, so it would push me to make a daily post. And since this would be a daily event, it would require that I use the digital cameras more than the older 35mm and 120 ones. For that matter, it could force me to learn more about photo editing software too.

Did you notice the use of 'push' and 'force' up above? That's another way of saying that I need a stimulus to get off my duff and get some writing and photography done. I tend to procrastinate. It's one of my talents. I'm even toying with the idea of purchasing the Write or Die application.

Also, I've been on vacation since the nineteenth, and being off work leads to an excess of sloth. I haven't been writing because I simply didn't feel like doing it. A nap on the couch was preferable. That all changes at 4AM tomorrow morning.

As for photos, well, I didn't take any on January first, so these will have to be the start:

Canon A590IS

Yes, those are my enormous feet encased in slightly disreputable slippers.  I was watching a horror movie on SyFy - Midnight Meat Train, if I recall right - wherein a street photographer takes photos of people late at night on the streets of (presumably) New York.  Honestly, the sound was off most of the time as the movie was fairly predictable.  But I started to wonder about the possibility of taking nighttime photos.  I set up the Canon A590IS at ISO1600 and took that photo.  In the full-size shot the noise is very apparent, but it's considerably less so in this smaller version.  Still, it gave me the idea to try some ISO1600 film in one of the faster cameras.

Canon A590IS

I awoke to find an inch or two of powder this morning, fluffy snowflakes that were more like goose down.  I swept it from the cars and while clearing the driveway, my push broom broke!  If I had any artistic ability, I would probably write some pretentious bullshit about the photo, but it just isn't in me.  Honest! The contrast just caught my attention.


Blogger Steve A said...

Might Dr Wally still stop by on occasion to offer us advice or was he permanently banned due to his weight loss scheme?

1:55 PM  
Blogger Ed W said...

Wally is ALWAYS around here somewhere! He generally shows up just after I've bought a new bag of coffee. There's just no stopping that guy.

2:27 PM  

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