Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo details

Steve noticed an odd lens flare in this photo taken before dawn along the street in front of my house. There's a curving light path near the streetlight, and there's an odd little reflection near that car - just above 'dog' in the text.

Here's the streetlamp magnified. I increased the contrast to make the arc more visible.

This is the small reflection. I haven't the slightest idea as to the origin of these. It could be internal reflections in the Yashica lens. It could be a raindrop on the front of the lens. It could be a reflection from a shiny spot inside the lens barrel. I'll experiment with other cameras and lenses.

The Electro GT is back together and usable again. I locked down the rangefinder adjustment screws with spots of clear nail polish, and I gingerly cleaned all the surfaces in the rangefinder itself. It's possible to remove the coating from a front-surface mirror even in cleaning it, so I was understandably nervous. I dipped a cotton swab in lens cleaner and oh-so-gently wiped down the surfaces. Afterward, the rangefinder window was astonishingly different! Brightness and contrast were very noticeably improved. I'm a happy camper.

Sadly, I missed out on a Yashica Lynx 14, another old rangefinder with a 45mm f 1.4 lens. It was not to be. I'll have to prowl the flea markets and garage sales come spring.


Blogger Steve A said...

Perhaps the reflection is the vanishing of the Yeti.

On other matters, prompted by CycleDog, agent of Satan, I did a little more research on my Monkey Ward camera. My own camera, labeled as an "rf 450," took pretty good pictures up through high school, though I didn't use it after I got my commie camera because it didn't have lens or exposure options and wasn't SLR. As near as I can tell, it is a relabeled Konica EE-MATIC Deluxe 2. Every detail is identical except for the replacement of the Konica lettering with the Monkey Ward equivalent. For example, instead of having a "Konica Hexanon 1:2.8" lens, it has a "cds Eye Hexanon 1:2.8" lens.

Wikipedia describes the Hexanon lenses as excellent, which this one always did seem to be, but it is not interchangeable which wikipedia claims Hexanon lenses were.

Golly, I guess this blog IS educational. I never knew that before, though I've owned the camera for 43 years.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Ed W said...

See, I'm not completely evil. And CycleDog serves a purpose. Just as my son said about Sponge Bob Square Pants, "It's very educational!"

5:17 AM  
Blogger Steve A said...

If your son truly argues that Sponge Bob is educational, SWMBO needs to take matters in hand more firmly! Perhaps CycleDog is out of control...

10:02 PM  

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