Friday, July 02, 2010

This is depressing

I drove through Tulsa this morning just after daybreak. I've taken a couple of vacation days, and due to the closing of the Bird Creek Bridge overnight, I offered to take my daughter to work this morning so I could show her the 'other' back road route into town.

Now, that's all prologue. Driving through Tulsa, I saw lots of cyclists! All of them - except one - riding on the sidewalk. The lone exception was on the road riding the wrong way against traffic.

I seldom have a chance to observe commuters since I'm usually at work well before dawn. And those bike commuters I do see are always on the right side of the road, at least, even if they have only a nodding acquaintance with stopping at red lights.

Later in the morning, I saw a group of three riding together, two on the road and another on the sidewalk next to them. The sidewalk rider zoomed through a pedestrian crosswalk just in front of a car that was about to turn right. I'm sure the motorist never saw the guy on a bike, and the bike guy probably cursed at the clueless motorist.


Blogger Steve A said...

It's about par for the course as to people I see while riding. Sorry to say.

10:52 PM  

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