Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oklahoma news

We had an earthquake this morning. The epicenter was out near Norman and Oklahoma City, about a hundred miles southwest of here. It was a 4.5 I'm told. Some co-workers said they felt the movement. My daughter said that office chair were rolling around in her building. (Later - news reports are saying that a dorm at Oklahoma University has been evacuated due to damages.)

I pretty much missed it. I'm so accustomed to occasional dizzy spells that the odd motion went unnoticed. More on that in a moment.

This is the second earthquake I've experienced. The first was a non-event too as it just sounded like a heavy truck going by in the street outside. Sometimes I'd like to have a bit more excitement in life, but not the kind that involves buildings collapsing.

Now about those dizzy spells. I had my annual physical yesterday. The doctor said that I'm doing well, but my blood pressure is a little bit too low. He reduced the dosage on my blood pressure meds and said the new prescription wouldn't have a diuretic in it, and that I shouldn't experience any dizziness. That's good news! It means I can go back to riding my bike again! I've ridden when dizzy previously - too much vodka, you know - and it was neither pleasant nor safe.

Even She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed was pleased. This means I'll be able to climb a ladder with less chance of falling, so the living room painting can proceed, probably this weekend. Aren't I lucky?


Blogger Steve A said...

I was in California on a business trip when the Northridge quake hit. It was pretty hard to put down to dizziness since I was asleep when it hit. My cotravelers who'd been scheduled to fly in the morning, decided not to join me. After that, the trip was quite leisurely.

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