Sunday, October 03, 2010

What a find!

I wandered through the thieves market yesterday because I hadn't been there for awhile. And yes, that Konica Auto S2 that I 'insulted' the vendor about was still hanging on the rack accumulating dust. I didn't feel like insulting him again. Maybe next time.

But on one table I found this lovely 'Canon' with the highly prized Optical Lens. My heart was all a flutter at discovering such a rare and valuable camera at the thieves market! Alas, I could not screw up enough courage to ask the seller the price of such an apparently priceless camera. I walked away dejected, and the depression lasted....well....a few milliseconds, at least.

Seriously, there are people who buy these things and use them. They don't expect good results, and in fact, they kind of celebrate the crappy images, light leaks, and chromatic distortions. I'm not that bored. The Lomography site offers similar cameras, but why pay their prices when you can shop the local thieves market?

Right, that's a Canon, and I'm really a professional bicycle racer writing under a pen name.


Here's what appears to be an identical camera from the ShopGoodwill website:

Much as I like playing with old cameras, I won't buy one of these because I will not give money to crooks - not the Goodwill people, of course - but the pinheads who take a cheap POS and try to pass it off as something more.

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Blogger Steve A said...

Lance, for those of us not up on counterfeit cameras, please educate!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Ed W said...

Counterfeit cameras are supposed to be relatively rare, Steve, though apparently Canon was plagued by fake cameras for a while. I don't know it that's still true. And of course there's the anecdotal "I found a gold Leica at a garage sale!" story. But that photo above is an absolute POS with a Canon logo stuck on the front. I've seen these turn up with a logo similar to Olympus too. I think they were 'Olympia".

8:24 PM  

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