Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I was up at 4AM, only about 20 minutes earlier than I would be on a regular work day, so it's no big deal. But I'm on vacation today. Mary wanted to know why I was up, and more importantly since it was obvious I was getting ready to go out, where I was going. "It's a secret," I said. She hates that.

"I can't believe you're going shopping!" she said. "You hate being in crowds and standing in line."

She was fishing, but I ignored the bait, put my coat on, and went out the door.

Home Depot opened at 5AM. I was standing in line waiting to get in at 4:50 along with about a hundred other people. My target was just inside the door - a 7 feet tall artificial Christmas tree with integrated LED lights. Mother and Number One Daughter had seen it, liked it, and commented about it to me. Daughter had confided that Mom would really like to have one, and it wouldn't dump needles all over the carpet like a real tree. The needles and constant vacuuming drove Mary crazy. The fire hazard was always on my mind.

I'm not a fan of artificial trees, and much as I like the smell of a real one, the mess and the fire hazard always bother me. When I was single, I never had one, and in fact I didn't decorate for any of the holidays. Mary found that appalling, but if I'd had a Christmas tree in my apartment, I wouldn't have been able to get into my apartment! It was tiny.

At 5:05 I was at the checkout with one of the two trees they had on sale. Yes, they put it in the sale flier, and then had only two. Go figure. At 5:15, I was home. The tree is in a box on the living room floor, and the cats are giving it a thorough inspection. I can't wait until Mary gets up!

I need two more gifts and I'll be done with Christmas shopping (I hope).


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