Sunday, August 28, 2011

India Festival in Tulsa

I went to the India Fest in Tulsa yesterday, accompanying my daughter and several of her friends. We arrived shortly before noon, had lunch, and wandered around inside the Pavilion at the Tulsa County Fairground. There were booths showing Indian food and spices, religions, garments, and even industrial prowess.

As we entered, the stage was being prepared for a traditional Indian wedding procession. They invited all of us to join in, but I don't dance so well. Have you ever seen a dancing bear at the circus? They're way better than me.

The photos are over on Flickr.

Also, early yesterday morning, I went downtown for the start of the Oklahoma Steak Cook-off Championship. Now, I can't eat beef, so this was a hardship, believe me. But I took some good HDR photos that I'll post on Flickr later today or tomorrow.

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