Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Save Our Shirts!

I'm thinking we need a new charity dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Hawaiian shirts, not that there's much, mind you, but it's an interesting idea nonetheless. Since we've passed Labor Day, the 'full Cleveland' look - which includes those lovely white shoes and belt coupled with a polyester leisure suit - has to be put back in the closet until next summer.

Seriously, I have never owned a leisure suit, white shoes (other than Converse All Stars) nor a white belt. If I ever appeared in public wearing such apparel, I would expect one of you to shoot me immediately to end the misery. I'd consider that merciful.

According to Wikipedia, Hawaiian shirts are considered business wear and are suitable for all but the most formal occasions in Hawaii. We need to promote that on the mainland, too, but if it catches on, I'll have to change my wardrobe.



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