Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apache Street

Apache Street east of Tulsa is where old cars go to die. It's a treasure trove of rusting old heaps, lined on both sides with wrecking yards. Most of the cars are fairly recent, but some few are the ones I'd like to photograph. One problem exists, and that's the presence of some very large, very long-toothed dogs that prowl the lots. I did not get out of the car anywhere near them!

I'm going to go down there some Saturday to talk with the lot owners. Maybe I can get some photos.


Blogger Small Adventures said...

Ahh...a little slice of Americana's infatuation with the automobile (myself alsosadly,stricken with ts ailment at times). I remember fondly walking these boneyards asa child with my Dad in search of that one part he needed (or rather,didn' need but wanted). Good times,and we still get together once in a while an do this,decades later (I'm 38 now) at the one boneyard of the old style still remaining,he in search of some widget that will make his Hyundai work car (he commutes 76 miles one way,6 days per week...nor does he have much interest in cycling) abit more personalised,m always mindful of a newer-than-my-'94 Mustang GT with some updated parts that would be an upgrade (better brakes,etc)...good times,despite what it is.

I look forwad to seeing said pics if it works out you can shoot them. Bwe wary of thos snaggle-toothed dawgs though,many of them have greatly earned their "Junkyard Dawg" rep ;)


8:21 AM  
Blogger Ed W said...

On Google Earth I could probably get within a few yards of my old Volkswagen Beetles. All three were lined up under an oak tree in a junkyard at Sheakleyville, PA. The best parts migrated from car to car. There's a Porsche 365 up there too....with a tree growing up through the engine compartment. I'll try to find that photo.

3:37 PM  

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