Monday, December 10, 2007

Local News: Ice Storm Owasso

Heard on the Owasso Police Department radio:

A Collinsville church located at 13th and Main is offering shelter to area residents displaced by the ice storm.

Freedom Church located at 96th and 177th is offering meals to area residents.
(Update 10:30 AM CST - the American Red Cross will be staffing Freedom Church and will be supplying cots and blankets.)

Police, fire, and ambulance crews have been responding to traffic crashes, downed power lines, and fires due to shorted power lines, as well as their regular calls. These good people are working their butts off and they deserve our heart-felt thanks.

I'll be posting some photos as soon as I can get organized. The full set will be on my Cycledog page in Flickr, but I'll put some here as well.

More later....



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