Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday Swap/Sale in Tulsa

I went into Tulsa yesterday partly to see the fixed gear swap meet at the Sound Pony and partly to take She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed on a furniture hunting expedition. Oh, the joy of furniture hunting. I must be outta my mind.

We drove through the north side looking for the swap meet. Mary asked, "Why are all these strange people wandering around?" She'd never been in that area. I told her about the Day Center for the Homeless and the Salvation Army. "This looks like a set for one of those zombie movies," she said.

I found the site and got out to look at the bikes. I met Nomco who runs a small business refurbishing old bikes by repainting them and converting them to fixed gears.


As the saying goes, steel is real.

He had an assortment of parts, including some very nice Brooks B17 saddles. With Christmas coming up, I'm tapped out of course, so if I bought another bike or even some parts, She-Who-etc. would likely just shoot me.

Various road conversions, some with brakes, some without.

Let's hope this catches on and becomes a popular venue for local cyclists. I'm thinking that if Nomco sets this up again, I'll have to drag some of my old junk out of the garage. Well, the junk I can part with, anyway. Not the good junk.



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